We will have an open commemorative sale! !!

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We will have an open commemorative sale! !!

EXME CABLES finally openedS!!

Because of my work, the cables I absolutely needed were not on the market, so I started making my own cables and started an online shop after making my own keyboard.た。

Although the number of users of home-made keyboards and artisan keycaps is increasing, I felt that they have not yet become widespread in Japan. I enjoyed making itました。

At that time, I discovered an overseas Artisan cable and was shocked.す。
Moreover, I have never seen it in Japan, so I researched various things and purchased it.。
I was impressed by the cable coordinated with my own keyboard.。

I wish it became more popular in Japan・・・
Is the threshold for overseas mail order still high?・・・

Tokago Nyogo Nyogo・・・
When you're hitting a wall where you're looking at parts suppliers, prices, etc.
「I contacted SUMMIT CABLES to take the plunge and asked, and he kindly agreed to supply the parts. I was happy.しかった!!
I was delighted that this would solve the biggest problem and create an ideal shop.た。

I had various problems after that、
I managed to solve itEXME CABLESopen!!

Although the introduction has become longer、
As an emotional EXME CABLES open commemorative sale
Week from 21:00 on July 7, 2020 to July 14, 2020、
We will sell Artisan cable at 10OFFす。

Regarding the delivery date, it depends on the parts inventory status.、
Can you see it for about a month?。

It's not perfect yet, but please stay with me for a long time.せ。