[Limited] LEMO connector connection USB cable

[Limited] LEMO connector connection USB cable

Although it is a limited number、LEMO connector connection USB cableWill be on sale soon. The photo is blackish but only matte silver.です。]

Many people are using it overseas, so I think many people know it.。
This LEMO connector is an ultra-compact push-pull round connector designed to connect quickly, easily and securely with a connector originating in Switzerland.です。
thisLEMO's unique push-pull self-latching system(One-touch mating and release has become world-famous for its ease of handling and reliability, and is recognized and used by many manufacturers and research institutes.ます。
In the past, it was also used in Mark Levinson's pre-1980s amplifiers.ます。
The feature of the appearance is that it is a chocolate block pattern Remo original of the non-slip part.です。

Similar products are sold at less than half the price, and I was wondering if that would be okay, but there were many cases such as stable supply, ambiguity in product specifications, and lack of necessary parts, so we are currently handling LEMO connectors. Decidedた。
However, the LEMO connector is not always in stock due to the detailed specifications. If it is out of stock, it will be waiting for 3 months.ます。
The LEMO connector handled by EXME CABLES this time is also a 5Pin specification, so I feel that the distribution volume is small.す。

The reason for the limited number is that the number of LEMO connectors that can be stocked is small and the price is high.The connector alone is very expensive and cannot be offered at a low price.ます。

As soon as a prototype is available[5 sets]We will start limited sale onlyはStore newsOrTwitterPlease verify。

We will continue to develop products using new connectors as PREMIUM CONNECTOR in the future, so please look forward to it.さい。