About addition/abolition of color

About addition/abolition of color

Sorry for the thumbnail image that has nothing to do with it。

The color of the detachable aviator has been changed.。
● CE01 --Auburn abolished
● CE02 --BeigeSandstormRenamed to
● CE10 --Hot PinkNew color FuchsiaReplace with
● New color CE24 --Aqua BlueAdd
● New color CE26 --CarrotAdd
● New color CE27 --OrchidAdd

New colors have been added to Techflex。
● New color T13 --Neon YellowToGoldRenamed to
● New color T18 --Black MagicAdd
● New color T19 --Neon YellowAdd
● New color T20 --Olive DrabAdd
● New color T21 --Teal BlueAdd
● New color T22 --Platinum GrayAdd
● New color T23 --Neon RedAdd

Add device connector
Added Gold to Micro USB Type-B

As soon as the parts are available, they will be added to the Color Chart.。

※Added and revised Techflex on July 29th。
※CE25 --Cactus was discontinued on August 20th。