New colors have been updated to COLOR CHART.

New colors have been updated to COLOR CHART.

The new color of the detachable aviator, which was previously reported in NEWS, is now available and has been posted on the color chart.た。

● New color CE10-FuchsiaPosted in
● New color CE24 --Aqua BluePosted
● New color CE26 --CarrotPosted
● New color CE27 --OrchidPosted

CE25 --Cactus was also introduced, but it will be discontinued.。

● New color T13 --GoldPosted
● New color T18 --Black MagicPosted
● New color T20 --Olive DrabPosted
● New color T21 --Teal BluePosted
● New color T22 --Platinum GrayPosted
● New color T23 --Neon RedPosted
● New color T19 --Neon YellowBlack Lightt]Posted

Please use it as a reference for various combinations.。
Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the combination.Inquiry formOrDM on TwitterPlease send us we will help youす。

Let's enjoy the cable♪