[Summary] Thank you for posting! !!

[Summary] Thank you for posting! !!

It's been less than two months since it opened, but thankfully we have compiled the sites and videos that introduced EXME CABLES.す。

Almost Weekly Keyboard News # 70

Domestic artisan cable specialty shop EXME CABLES opened and others 7/127/12)

Our site is taken up as a top topic。

Almost Weekly Keyboard News # 72
Artisan watermelon, goldfish and boy pre-order sales start in summer 7/26(7/26)

We have introduced the USB cable with LEMO as a topic.。
The official website ishttps://www.kbdnews.jp/

【Keyboard I bought a custom USB cable from various sitesた

Introducing our site and product reviews you have purchased.。

Daihuku Keyboard
I bought a custom USB cable Custum USB Cable EXME CABLES --Unboxing & amp; Reviewiew

We have you explain the product review video you purchased and the purchase method etc. in an easy-to-understand video.。

We would also like to thank those who have uploaded the products purchased on Twitter.。
It is a made-to-order product and is handmade one by one, so it is very encouraging to have you like it and use it.す。
We will continue to sell attractive products, so please patronize EXME CABLES.す。