OPEN 3 months & 400Follower patronage commemoration

OPEN 3 months & 400Follower patronage commemoration

It's been 3 months since it opened early。
After all it was 3 months in a blink of an eyeた。

Thank you for your many orders in the last 3 months & lt; m__m & gt;t;
Customers who repeat us Customers who support us Customers who have become fans We are grateful to customers who follow us on Twitter and Instagram, etc. We are also grateful to our customers for maintaining their production motivation. Because there are warm wordsざいます。

I am delighted and grateful for the new encounters I have made by running it.。

I would like to continue to make high quality and attractive products.す。

So「3 months open & amp; 400Follower」SoFree click post flightsI decided to provide it at。
Most customers ship by click post service.、Virtually free shippingI think it will be。
Shipping by click post service is available if it is within 1 set of USB cable and 1 device end or TRRS cable. If it is more than that, Yamato Transport shipping will be charged. If it is not at checkout, please let us know.報ください)
As a trick, if you order two or more USB cables separately and check out, you can order with free shipping _;^_^;

Click post service will be free until the end of October.す。
Please accept it, although it is a small reduction & lt; m__m & gt;t;