New color Techflex and new color paracord added

New color Techflex and new color paracord added

The lost baggage arrived safely and finally the new color is releasedす。

T24 - Neon Green Spyder
New Color Techflex T24 --Neon Green Spyderr]
The neon green part is woven with an X pattern as shown in the photo by knitting black and neon green.。
I added it because the moderate accent feeling was good.。


P74 - Zomb
New color paracord P74 --Zombb]
I wanted to increase the color variation of neon green, so I added it like the color scheme of a certain character I like itす。

 P75 - Miami
New Color Paracord P75 --Miamii]
Since there are few pale paracords, I added P75 --Miami, which expresses a pale feeling by knitting at least. Since it is processed with cables and tech flex, I think that it is rare to touch the original fabric, but it is very supple and soft paracord I've been thrilled for a while lolいました 笑
It is also attractive that the change between normal time and black light is large.す。

P76 - Orange Laser
New color paracord P76 --Orange Laserr]
It is a paracord characterized by knitting neon orange, black and gray.。
It ’s a tight paracord, probably because of the tight weaving.。
This is also a black light compatible paracord, so the way it shines during black light is also attractive.。

Four colors of paracord will be added by the end of the year。
Olive DrabP42-Alternative to Khaki替]
Lavender new color色]
Neon Turquoise black light compatible応]
Gold new color色]

Enjoy the colors on your desk and the cables.