Addition of new color paracord

Addition of new color paracord

I arrived from the United States earlier than I expected, so I will add a new color。

P77-Olive Drab
New color paracord P77-Olive Drabb]
P42 --Khaki has been out of stock, so I thought it might be a good alternative, so I introduced it. It's a common military color tone of green rather than brown.す。

P78 - Lavender
New color paracord P78 --Lavenderr]
I introduced it because it is a single color and there are few pale tones.。
If you use Techflex for a dark paracord, it will feel pale, but since it is a wind, I wanted to match it with a light-colored keycap or a pale legend. I think they will思います。

P79 - Neon Turquoise
New color paracord P79 --Neon Turquoisee]
Since it was a Neon name, I introduced it with the expectation that it would support black light, but it did not emit much light _;^_^;
The existing P71-Turquoise has a strong bluish tint compared to the emerald greenish color, so I wish I could introduce it earlier because it has a summery color.た。

P80 - Gold
New color paracord P80 --Goldd]
P03 --Siver Gray is available, but I thought there was no Gold, so I introduced it.。
It has a glossy feel, but it's not flashy and it feels elegant. It's not yellow gold.です。

I hope you enjoy the color scheme with new colors.す。
Enjoy the colors on your desk and the cables.