About 90 ° processing addition

About 90 ° processing addition

We have made it possible to select 90 processing when adding a coil with a USB cable, which has been requested for a long time.しました。
Please select the combination so that you can connect neatly assuming that the coil is created on the device side.い。
90 processing will be provided free of charge.す。

Items to select
●Whether to crawl the cable from the device to the right or to the left這わすか?
●90 Machining is on the device side and host side Device side Host side」「ホスト側」?
●When the device plug is Mini-B / Micro-B / Type-B, the top and bottom of the plug shape is A when the larger one is heaven and B when the smaller one is heaven.の場合はB]
Will be。

Please choose from a total of 13 dropdowns including no processingさい。


It may be a little difficult to understand, but please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.い。

Enjoy the colors on your desk and the cables.