Good news on New Year's Eve! !!

Good news on New Year's Eve! !!

I am making twirl even on New Year's Eve, but I was happy to hear thatた♪
Pekaso at ITmedia NEWS(@Pekaso)Biako(@ Biacco42)Is serialized
Hello self-made keyboard worldド」of9thCustom cables are introduced in!!!

I'm looking forward to the serialization myselfるHello self-made keyboard worldド」It's exciting to see the custom cable introduced in。
I'm even more impressed with the content that I was reading seriously when I was active.。
PersonallyNot only the 4th blue axis brown axis, but also compatible key switches that have evolved in various ways with their own keyboard and the swamp of remodeling beyond that 1/3の“沼” (1/3)Was used as a reference when choosing a key switch.。
result「Purple Zealios 65g」I love and love it。
I like tactile。「Input Club Hako Violet」I'm also using it habitually。

Needless to say, salicylic acid酸(@ Salicylic_acid3)Is operatedSelf-made keyboard How to walk in the hot spring townDon't forget。
I recently learned、I will summarize where to get my own keyboard!I was also impressed when you introduced me at, and I am full of gratitude for salicylic acid.す。

Pekaso(@Pekaso)Biako(@ Biacco42)Thank you for always introducing me!!
I would like to continue directing around your desk.。

Enjoy the colors on your desk and the cables.