About TRRS cable specification change

About TRRS cable specification change


We have changed the specifications to improve the quality of the TRRS plug and add color variations.。
I think that you can enjoy customization more by adding color variations of silver color and gun metallic color.す。
Since both the straight type and the L type have the same design, there is no difference in design depending on the plug shape, and even customers with multiple types can coexist without discomfort.す。


The new gun metallic color may look like silver depending on the situation, but I think that the chic and shining appearance is cool and attracts attention. It is no exaggeration to say that this specification change was made to add the gun metallic color.せん。

By the way, the TRRS cable is a 4-pole plug, but it can be used as a stereo cable, so some customers are using it as an audio cable.す。

Make the new TRRS plug shine at your desk.せ。

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