About changing the paint of the aviator

About changing the paint of the aviator

CERAKOTE[Do you know Ceracoat?か?
It may be familiar to those who like cars and motorcycle firearms.ね。

A coating agent containing ceramic as the main component, which can be applied from all metals to plastic polymer resin composite water transfer PVD woodwork and other materials.きる塗料です。
To put it very simply, it is a paint that is very scratch resistant and heat resistant.す💦
For more information【Ceracoat A thorough explanation of the astonishing ability of Ceracoat, a paint designated by the US military解説For reference・・・
I received an inquiry from overseas that I rarely use Ceracoat's aviator, but it was realized.た。

It was released at the end of last year, but I finally got it。
I felt that there are colors that have a slight difference in color tone and colors that do not differ, so I would like to check it because the lot may also have an effect.ます。

As soon as our stock runs out, we will gradually switch to Ceracoat products.す。
Please look forward to the new Ceracoat Aviator.。

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