Addition of color burrs and release of new connector

Addition of color burrs and release of new connector

Dechatterable aviator new color added
CE28 - Gold
We have added a new color to the detachable aviator in response to a customer's request.ます。

Gold that is not painted. Rings and screws are gold.」です。
It is a yellow gold that I often say。
Please note that there is no setting to change the ring color.。

New connector released
WEIPU SA12 SilverWEIPU SA12 Black
Push-pull SA12 is now available。
Color variations are silver and black。
After all, the push-pull type is compared with LEMO, isn't it?。
To be honest, don't expect as much certainty or security as LEMO💦
Speaking of cost performance, SA12 will be better off.。
Black is also standard and may not be necessary, but it also has a dust cap You can choose with or withoutきます]
It's a little bigger than the dechatterable aviator, but it's made of aluminum, so it's lightweight, but it's a little heavier.です。
Internally, it is a 5Pin specification that emphasizes stability.。

WEIPU SA12 Silverの分離

LEMO connector will be on sale normally
The order has been suspended for a long time, but we are planning to resume the order because it is planned to be able to supply stable parts. The scheduled resumption date is undecided.は未定]
In addition, we plan to offer a slightly lower price.す。

This blog has a lot of information, but thank you for staying with us for a long time.す。