[Important] About the color variation of the detachable aviator

[Important] About the color variation of the detachable aviator

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This time, it's important to know about the color variations of the detachable aviator.。

EXME CABLES detachable aviator is old Rose cables旧SUMMIT CABLES]We are assembling with supply fromす。
Very unfortunately, the supply from Rose cables has become unstable since the end of last year, and recently orders from the site have been completely closed.す。
I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to sell products to customers in a stable manner.。

Therefore, we decided to paint the detachable aviator in-house.。
This is because there is a great merit that stable product sales can be achieved and sales in original colors can be realized by using in-house painting.です。
First of all, black glossy / none white glossy / none We are planning to start selling from around gun metallic dark gray We will add color variations from time to time If you have any color you want to sell, please contact usしたらご連絡ください]

Depending on the color, the CEXX-series, which is still in stock, will be discontinued as long as it is in stock.。
Unpainted CE23 --Silver and CE28 --Gold will continue to be sold, but part numbers will change.す。

In addition, although it is not in-house painted, we are planning to sell a new Ceracoat painted product, which will be announced soon.ます。

 We will continue to strive to provide attractive USB cables with our own painted aviators, so please continue to support EXME CABLES.す。

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