Ceracoat Aviator

Ceracoat Aviator

Introducing the new Ceracoat paint aviator that has arrived in small quantities.す。

CZ01 --Aztec Teal
CZ01 - Aztec Teal
It's a solid emerald green. It's not very saturated, so it feels chic.す。

CZ02 --Burnt Bronze
CZ02 - Burnt Bronze
A dull bronze color with fine metallic particles.す。
The gradation from the highlight is a beautiful color。

CZ03 --Orchid
CZ03 - Orchid
It is more blue than purple with a slightly metallic feel.。
Beautiful gradation shines from highlight to shadow。
The color that tends to be more purple than expected is exquisitely suppressed and it feels good.。

CZ04 --Tungsten
CZ04 - Tungsten
Is it a bright gun metallic image?。
I like the balance of gray and metallic.。

All 4 colors are purchased, so stock is limited.。
It seems that the number of colors is increasing regularly, so I will continue to purchase my favorite colors.す。
The ring color is only silver for the time being. The screw on the device side is also silver.です。]
Also, if you only have the device end, you cannot select it.。
If you really want to change it, please contact us.。

In COLOR CHART at the same time as this releaseDetachable AviatorHas also been revised。

Please also consider the newly joined Ceracoat Aviator.。