About overseas shipping

About overseas shipping

EMS International Speed Mail can be shipped overseas at a reasonable price, but it is quite limited due to the influence of COVID-19. I was disappointed that it was canceled because it could not be shipped.ございます。

Still, there are some parts that cannot be switched to FedEx or DHL.す。
The first is that the transportation cost is too high and the fee system is complicated and it is difficult to set the shipping fee. Of course, FedEx and DHL are also affected by COVID-19.ます。

But I don't think I should do it・と思い
Shipping by DHL to the United States and Canada Has been set。

The reason for the United States and Canada is that there are many access sources to EXME. Recently, access from Germany is increasing, so we plan to support it.です。

However, I was honestly surprised at the high transportation charges.た💦
It is overwhelmingly higher than the EXME cable production fee, so & gt; o & lt;;)
I think one of the reasons is that the types of transportation flights are limited due to the influence of COVID-19.が。

We plan to gradually expand overseas shipping.。