In-house painted detachable aviator is now available! !!

In-house painted detachable aviator is now available! !!

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In-house paintingDetachableThe aviator is finally open to the public。
EXME CABLES has been carefully selected while repeatedly adjusting the color and luster.た。

First of all, it will be on sale in 7 colors。EX03 - Matte Black
EX03 --Matte Black

EX04 - Gloss Black
EX04 --Gloss Black

 EX05 - Matte White
EX05 --Matte White

EX06 - Gloss White
EX06 --Gloss White

EX07 - Dark Gray
EX07 --Dark Gray

EX08 - Gunmetal Gray
EX08 --Gunmetal Gray

EX09 - Blue Gray
EX09 --Blue Gray

EX03-Matte Black & EX04-Gloss Black
Gloss comparison EX03 --Matte Black & EX04 --Gloss Blackk]

EX05-Matte White & EX06-Gloss White
Gloss comparison[EX05 --Matte White & EX06 --Gloss White]

By painting in-house, the screws on the device end side will also be the same color as the main body. The ring colors black and white will be matte black and matte white.ます。

I'm glad I finally made it public, and I would like to thank all the people who cooperated with me. & Lt; m__m & gt;m>
It's next, but I wonder if yellow gold and rose gold will be released soon💦

I'm worried that there are some parts that are difficult to convey even in photos.、
How about everyone?