Color variations have been added.

Color variations have been added.

DetachableNew colors have been added to the aviator。
Only EXME is happy to introduce you earlier than planned, but _;_^;)

EX10 - Yellow Gold
EX10 --Yellow Gold

EX11 - Rose Gold
EX11 --Rose Gold

EX12 - Lime
EX12 --Lime

EX13 - Sakura
EX13 --Sakura

EX10 --Yellow Gold and EX11 --Rose Gold took a long time to color, so it's amazing to be able to introduce them in this way.す。
EXME We searched for the ideal gold expression and tested the ideal color tone and luster to complete it.た。
Both EX12 --Lime and EX13 --Sakura were sold in similar colors, but they were completed while considering the colors that are typical of EXME.た。

We will continue to make even one of them so that it will be your favorite color.ます。
Please feel free to contact us for color combinations etc.。
We are waiting for your order & lt; m__m & gt;t;