Old aviator price change

Old aviator price change

From today, we have changed the price of the old aviator CE00 --XXXXXXX.した。

USB cable 2,640→ ¥1,760[tax included]

USB cable device end 1,8400 → ¥1,540[tax included]

 It will be discontinued as long as it is in stock, so if you have a color you are interested in, it is a good deal. We have changed the device end a little cheaper.した。

We would like to add new aviator colors within the next week.。
As a planned color Night Blue / Oceanus / Kurenai / Cherry Pink is。Ring color As Lime / Cherry Pink Is in progress so that you can also select。

Please keep an eye on EXME CABLES in the future.。
Thank you for your cooperation & lt; m__m & gt;)m>