Again, I added color variations

Again, I added color variations

The planned color is almost finished, so I would like to show it off.。

Colored Detachable Aviator
EX14 - Night Blue
EX14 --Night Blue

EX15 - Oceanus
EX15 --Oceanus

EX16 - Kurenai
EX16 --Kurenai

EX17 - CherryPink
EX17 --CherryPink

EX18 - Ice Blue
EX18 --Ice Blue

EX19 - Mint
EX19 --Mint

EX20 - Sandstorm
EX20 --Sandstorm

EX21 - OliveDrab
EX21 --Olive Drab

Colored Detachable Aviator Ring
R02 - Black
R02 --Black

R03 - White
R03 --White

R04 - Lime
R04 --Lime

R05 - Cherry Pink
R05 --Cherry Pink

I changed the ring R02 --Black and R03 --White to my own, so I updated it. I forgot to take R01 --Silver. I would like to take a picture at a later date.います。

Dechatterable aviator color variations are all 19 colors EX01 --Silver and EX02 --Gold are excluded Ring color variations are all 4 colors R01 --Silver is excludedなりました。
We are planning to add yellow-orange and purple.です。
By the way, I took all the colors at the moment。

All Colord Detachable Aviator

I have a feeling for each one, so I'm impressed when all of them are collected.。
I hope you find your favorite color.。
We are also waiting for requests such as wanting to make such a color.す。
It will be supported as much as possible💦

Please look forward to EXME CABLES in the future & lt; m (__) m & gt;