Added color variations.

Added color variations.

This time, the color I wanted to make was completed.た。
There will be 5 additional colors。

EX22 - Royal Purple
EX22 --Royal Purple

EX23 - Lemon
EX23 --Lemon

EX24 - British Green
EX24 --British Green

EX25 - Matcha
EX25 --Matcha

EX26 - Espresso Brown
EX26 --Espresso Brown

There are no plans to add colors for a while。
We will continue to consider whether to add a little more metallic system.。

I would be very happy if you could find more favorite colors.。
We are also waiting for requests such as wanting to make such a color.す。
It will be supported as much as possible💦

Please look forward to EXME CABLES in the future & lt; m (__) m & gt;