AIMS custom re-cable sales start

AIMS custom re-cable sales start

I enjoyed making my own microphone cable and re-cable, but I was able to collaborate with SOUND KITCHEN AIMS because of my relationship.た!!

Since last year, I have been purchasing re-cable parts from AIMS and consulting with them.I was chatting vaguely about the possibility of collaborating with them this year. There was alsoありました。
While doing so, I temporarily stopped switching to in-house painting, but as a result, I think that it became possible to sell re-cables like EXME because it became in-house painting.ます。

The re-cable to be sold
AIMS Original Hybrid Line 0.1SQ[4 cores / 8 cores / 16 cores]
PC-Triple C unplated 0.3SQ[4 cores / 8 cores]
Silver plated OCC[4 cores / 8 cores / 16 cores]
Tinned copper wire[4 cores / 8 cores / 16 cores]
We will start from 4 types。

PC-Triple C unplated 0.3SQ and tin-plated copper wire are recommended re-cables that I usually use.。
When listening to games or TV for a long time, the tin-plated copper wire makes a gentle and mellow sound, and I like it because I don't get tired even for a long time.特徴ですね。
When listening to your favorite music from now on, PC-Triple C unplated 0.3SQ is the best. I think that the powerful and powerful sound is unique to thick conductors.せん。

EXME's unique options 3 points of plug connector splitter3点 To Being able to paint in EXME original color It ’s a little part,がYour own original re-cable Can be manufactured。

We are also grateful to AIMS for giving us the opportunity to deliver high quality re-cables to our customers.す。

Thank you for your patronage of the re-cable as well as the USB cable.。

AIMS ハイブリッド線 0.1SQ