"Today's color scheme"has been made into a page.

"Today's color scheme"has been made into a page.

I received a message from a customer requesting more examples of combinations of paracord and tech flex, and I was wondering how to introduce it.が・・・・

That's today's color schemeるけど・・・・
It ’s easier to choose if it fits better. You do n’t want to fail in choosing.し・・・
I can't see all of them even if I search for tags myself.・・・
Some people don't do Twitter or Instagram in the first place.・・・
There are so many combinations, but can't you see it?・・・

Let's create a page that summarizes today's color schemes on the siteろう!!
It started immediatelyりました。

I hope it will be a stepping stone to make color selection fun when choosing a custom cable.。
I would be very happy if you could take a look at me when I was at a loss and say this.高に幸せです。

If you contact us about your desired combination, you can see sample photos, so please feel free to use the inquiry form if you are unsure.ぞ!!

Paracord Tech Flex pageはFrom here
There is a page in COLOR CHART。

The inquiry form isFrom here

Of course, we are waiting for custom orders from the bottom of our hearts.、
Thank you for your patronage of EXME CABLES.。