About Heat Shrink and Techflex

About Heat Shrink and Techflex

I get inquiries from time to time, so I will explain about Heat Shrink and Techflex.。

The heat shrink used in EXME CABLES is a product called Shrink Flex from TECHFLEX.。
Some people may think that Techflex is not a product name, but Techflex is a product called FLEXO PET from TECHFLEX. Since many people call the sleeve that covers the cable Techflex, it is called Techflex for convenience. Masuおります。
TECHFLEX manufactures many products that cover various tubes.。

There are many types of Shrink Flex, but the 3: 1 POLYOLE FIN used in EXME CABLES is a series with abundant colors.す。
Since it is 3: 1, the thickness after shrinkage is moderate, but it can not beat the charm of abundant colorsん。
There is a difference in thickness depending on the color, so there are some annoying parts, but it is solid and there is a sense of security.I think that clear is the thickest and purple is thin. Clear is thick, so it often gets caught in the inner diameter of the aviator. isいです。
Since the compression ratio is 3: 1, it is helpful because there is a wide range of corresponding diameters.。

TECHFLEX is also rich in colors and helps to enhance the originality by making it a double sleeve.す。
I was impressed that just a black cable would be so gorgeous。
The basic role of FLEXO PET is to protect the cable and increase the rigidity.ます。
Especially for those who want to make a coil cable, it will be easier to maintain the coil shape.。

I searched a lot to procure my favorite tech flex and heat shrink in Japan, but in the first place there was a reality that it was hardly distributed in Japan.た。
In particular, heat shrink was not distributed because there seemed to be almost no needs in Japan. Some of it was sold at audio-related stores, but the size was completely different and I gave up.した。
Techflex is also available at certain retail stores, but it was subtle with only a limited number of colors.す。
The story goes awry, but since I made paracord accessories in the past, there are quite a few shops that sell paracord and a wide variety of colors in Japan.す。

It was difficult to procure in Japan, so I decided to buy most of the parts from the United States.す。
Surprisingly, I think that there are few places in Japan that handle such color variations.。
As many of you may know, we are planning to handle the sleeves of the German MDPC-X as well.けど。
In this case, I think there will be no single sleeve paracord, but the coloring is beautiful, isn't it?よね。

Thank you for hanging out with merchandise description。
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