Color LEMO prototype

Color LEMO prototype

I've been talking about black LEMO connectors since last year, but I've given up on the issue of distribution inventory. I knew that I was making LEMO for color housing, but I couldn't solve various problems.

However, even if there is a problem with distribution inventory, the environment for painting with EXME CABLES has been set up, so I tried a trial.

Color Housing LEMO Connector

There is no problem with assembly and painting.
There is a red dot as a mark when attaching and detaching, but I thought that there is no problem even if it can be inserted only in a fixed place.

What I was concerned about was the durability of the coating film due to its desorption.
So, from yesterday, I tried to pry it about 100 times, rub it and put it on and take it off.

Durability test Color Housing LEMO Connector

Naturally on the host side, the inner part is peeling off.
As for the circumference part, the notch was turned with the surface in contact to find the position, so there was a lot of contact, so it was as expected.

Endurance test [device side] Color Housing LEMO Connector
Endurance test [device side] Color Housing LEMO Connector

On the device side, the notch part, the circumference part, and the opposite part from the notch are slipped off. I think that all of them are the result of intentionally rubbing them when attaching and detaching.

I think that there are differences depending on the solid in terms of the location and degree of internal contact, rubbing and peeling, but I thought that there was nothing I could do as long as it was a painted product, but I thought that there were fewer parts that peeled off than expected. We are here.
Of course, the visible part is kept without peeling.

We will release it as a product on the assumption that you will be satisfied with the slight peeling of the paint color on the inner part due to attachment and detachment. We will update the site so that you can select the color in the near future.

The LEMO connector used in EXME CABLES uses parts of a slightly special size, but if the distribution stock is out of stock, it will be out of stock for about 2 to 3 months. It is easier to procure than before, but please note that it may take some time depending on the timing.