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It is a USB 2.0 cable that can be fully customized by combining colors and lengths carefully selected by Exmy Cables. By combining various options, you can complete your own cable exclusively for your own keyboard keycap.ブルが完成します。

Detachable Aviator or Mini XLR orr WEIPU SA12

Detachable makes it easy to replace USB products and at the same time reduces the burden on the connector due to attachment and detachment.す。

HereclickSee Detachable Aviator Color Chart Dechatterable Mini XLR is silver onlyです。

Detachable Aviator Ring

This is the connector part of the detachable aviator.。
デタッチャブル アビエーター リング

HereclickAnd see the detachable aviator color chartい。

Detachable Aviator Accent

Add an accent to the detachable aviator with heat shrink。
デタッチャブル アビエーターアクセント

HereclickAnd see the heat shrink color chartい。


The length of the straight cable is the length of the entire cable, but the length of the coil cable is between the end of the coil and the connector.す。


Paracord is a Type 3 cord made in the United States that covers the cable wire.。

HereclickAnd see the paracord color chartい。

Techflex *

Techflex is a type of double-sleeve material that covers the paracord. Techflex creates durability, rigidity and a new style for cables.します。

HereclickAnd see the Techflex color chartい。

Coil cord processing

The coil cord is one of the cosmetic features that gives the custom cable a special styleす。

Coil cord position


90 processing of coil cord工


Heat shrink*

Heat shrink is a heat compression tube used around the connector and in the detachable aviator to secure the cable.す。

HereclickAnd see the heat shrink color chartい。


The USB 2.0 connector is used to supply and transfer data between the host computer and the device keyboard用されます。

*Please note that there are some errors in the cable length etc. because it is handmade.。